Big Savage Tunnel Opens for the 2024 Season

The Big Savage Tunnel opens Thursday, March 28th, for the 2024 season.

Crews from Somerset County and the Somerset County Recreation & Trails Association will open the west and east portals in the morning, and riders will have full access by noon.

This marks the 18th season the tunnel has been officially open.

The 3,294-foot-long tunnel was built for the Western Maryland Railway in 1912.  It was abandoned in 1975 and fell into considerable disrepair.  Recognized as a critical link along the Great Allegheny Passage between Cumberland, MD, and Pittsburgh, PA, reconstruction was a significant task completed in December of 2003.

Once trails leading to the ends of the tunnel were completed, the official opening was planned for April 2006.  Then, the late Mr. George Cook and his family made the first ride through this highlight of the GAP in Somerset County.


The tunnel will remain open daily, from dawn to dusk, until early December.



Enjoy the GAP in Somerset County, the High Point of the Great Allegheny Passage.