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Keystone Viaduct - Mile 29

Lots of the visitors to the Great Allegheny Passage tell us that the section we manage was the “high point” of their trip. And it’s not hard to understand why! We have

  • Colossal bridges (Salisbury Viaduct, Keystone Viaduct, Pinkerton High Bridge

  • Spectacular “little bridges” (Bollman Bridge, Pinkerton Low Bridge, Casselman River-Harnedsville, Casselman River-Confluence)

  • A loop possibility (Pinkerton Horn)

  • Tunnels (Big Savage, Pinkerton)

  • Great little towns (Meyersdale, Rockwood, Confluence) and friendly people

And, yes, LITERALLY the trail’s “high point” at the Eastern Continental Divide.

Photos below all © paul g wiegman

Our 43 Somerset County Miles

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Great Allegheny Passage | Photos

021.8 - Big Savage Vista Pans - 002-2