Fall Color at Peak


Casselman River from the Pinkerton High Bridge.                                © paul g wiegman         .

Fall color is a highlight of the season along the GAP in Somerset County.  The following two weeks will feature kaleidoscopic views all along the trail.

Some Suggestions;

Starting in Confluence, ride south 9 Miles to the Pinkerton Horn.  At Pinkerton, views from the High Bridge are spectacular. Add the Pinkerton Tunnel and the Pinkerton Low Bridge, and you have a memorable ride.

Rockwood Trail Access is easy to reach.  Ask one of the people at the Sembower Visitor Center if they have any suggestions – they live in the area and know the trail well.  Either direction, toward Confluence or Garrett, will be a lovely trip.

Meyersdale Trail Access is the gateway to iconic structures.  Bollman Bridge, Keystone Viaduct, and the Big Savage Tunnel are east of Meyersdale Visitor Center.  Also, don’t miss the Salisbury Viaduct just west of Meyersdale.


Have a safe ride, and see you on the Green Side of Somerset County.