The color of Autumn

Along the GAP in Somerset County                                                                                                                           © paul g wiegman


Fall foliage is coming soon, and where to ride the GAP and enjoy the color in Somerset County is the question of the day.

Early October, consider a ride 7.5-mile ride between Garrett and Rockwood. This trail segment follows the Casselman River through a deep, densely forested valley, perfect for enjoying fall color. This segment of the trail allows horses on the grassy border.

At Mile 38.8, across the river, is the active Garrett Limestone Mine. South of this point, Mount Davis, the highest point in PA at 3,213 feet above sea level, is 7.8 miles south.

Autumn color peaks along the 19 miles between Rockwood and Confluence by the middle to end of October. Beginning your ride from either trail town is easy.

Highlights of the ride are two bridges and a tunnel at the Pinkerton Horn, plus two bridges near Confluence. The bridges, especially the Pinkerton High Bridge, are great vantage points. Make sure and have a camera.

The intensity of fall color depends on many variables. Temperature is one, and a warm September may push the peak hues later into October.

Pennsylvania has a more extended and more varied fall foliage season than any other state. The GAP in Somerset County is a perfect place to enjoy the colors.

State Forests has up-to-date Fall Foliage Reports to help decide when to ride.